GOforHANDPAN – Individuelles für Handpan-Spieler:innen

Mehr durch Zufall bin ich, inGO von GOOM, auf die Idee mit GOforHANDPAN gekommen. Produkte, die mich als Handpan-Spieler begeistert haben, musste ich umständlich im Ausland besorgen. Oft Zeit aufwändig ohne zu wissen, wie das funktionieren kann und was dann so ankommen wird. Warum also nicht die gemachten Erfahrungen für andere zugänglich machen. Ist doch im deutschsprachigen Raum ganz praktisch für andere Handpan-Spieler:innen, wenn sie direkt hier bestellen können. Gesagt, getan. Hier ist

Hier bekommst du direkt ab Lager:

SPand V3 Handpan-Ständer
Kardos Kinetic Handpan-Cases vom Künstler László Kardos
Phoenix Handpan-Pflegeöl
MEGA XL Kalebasse
und vieles mehr

Foto: tOM


Alexandre Lora Grammy nominated artist in 2017, running for “Best World Music Album” category, with Anat Cohen and Trio Brasileiro: “Rosa dos Ventos”.
Member of Trio Brasileiro, Caraivana group and Irmãos Lora project, Alexandre is constantly travelling to perform inside Brasil, in the US and Europe.
As an solo Handpan artist, Lora have been travelling all over the world to perform and teach workshops in some of the most important events like Handpan and World Music Festivals,  in  countries as France, Israel, Australia, Hungary, Greece, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Swiss and Italy.


Dan Mulqueen is an American multi-instrumentalist from New Jersey. Dan’s music is centered around an instrument called the “Handpan”, an instrument created in 2001 in Switzerland. This instrument allows the player to create a rhythm and a melody simultaneously using only the hands.

Determined to push the limits of music revolving around this instrument, Dan’s playing style is both beautifully melodic and intensely percussive. His stylistic approach invites the listener to experience elements of multiple genres of music all housed in one easily digestible format. While keeping the handpan as the centerpiece of his compositions, Dan’s recordings also feature instruments such as upright bass, piano, electronic beats, guest vocals and more.

Dan has over 18 years of percussion experience in genres like hip-hop, rock, reggae, trip-hop, electronic, blues and latin. When asked about how these genres inspire his writing process, Dan responded “…it’s important to me to take my favorite elements of multiple genres and blend them into something different. You’d be really surprised how open people are to music when they can identify with even a tiny element of it.”

In addition to multiple solo tours across Australia, Europe and the USA, Mulqueen has also shared the stage with Shpongle for two sold out concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado and collaborated with artists such as Long Arm, Zebbler Encanti Experience and many more.

​No matter what kind of music you’re into, Dan has something in his music catalog for you. His music spans across multiple genres and grabs the attention of both casual music listeners and die-hard music lovers. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of Dan Mulqueen and the handpan!


Lea Valentina

Musikalisch auszudrücken, was ich auf meinen Reisen in der Welt und im Inneren erlebe, ist mein Weg, mich der Weite des Universums in Dankbarkeit zu öffnen und diese Freude in Form von Liedern und Texten zu teilen. Fragen zu unserem Dasein, zum Umgang mit der Natur und zu unserem Zusammenleben kommen auf. Antworten suche ich mit meinen Handpans, mit Stimme, mit der Gitarre, Flöte und Percussion – mit dem Ziel, jeden Tag ein Stücken authentischer zu werden und immer mehr anzukommen, im inneren Zuhause. 

Handpan Unterricht und Workshops in München

Meine Leidenschaft des Handpan Spielens weiterzugeben ist mir eine Herzensangelegenheit. Musik ist für mich ein Spiegel der Seele und ein wunderbarer Raum, um zu experimentieren und sich ganz neu auszuprobieren. Sich gemeinsam auf die Reise zu machen macht mir am meisten Spaß. Ich gebe Handpan Unterricht in meiner Heimatstadt München und organisiere Handpan – Workshops für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene in verschiedenen Städten. 



MEA is the handpan- and world music project by Marketa (Czech Republic) and Lea Valentina (Germany). Combining the sounds of handpans with voice, flute, guitar, mouth harp and percussion, we love to create a space where we can truly meet each other. Being silent and wild, soft and strong and raising our voices together in celebration of life. 


To reconnect with nature and with ourselves and to find the magic in our daily encounters and the details that surround us – with this mission in our hearts we embark on our musical journey and invite you to be part of it.



Nadishana is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and sound designer from Siberia, who creates his own unique and innovative approach to world fusion music – the creative synthesis of different musical traditions of the world on the basis of contemporary technologies. He plays on more than 200 instruments of the world, including self-created ones.

He elaborated the unique playing technique on each of his instruments and his own approach to advanced digital audio editing called “sound microsurgery”.

Since 2005 Nadishana lives in Berlin where he works at several projects.


I am a musician and handpan player from Linz (located in Austria/Europe).

I got my first handpan in 2012 and because there was no one who could have taught me how to play it, I started experiencing it by myself.

 A completely new chapter of my life began, because of my (seemingly) endless passion for this instruments, and now I am travelling around the world while my collection of handpans is growing more and more.


Amín Varkonyi, independent Artist, multi Instrumentalist, Producer, Soundhealer and international Handpan teacher, raised and born in Austria.

From an early age he was exposed to the musical richness of Latin America and first learned to play Afro Cuban Percussion. He studied and learned from many master musicians, including his father. The influence of various cultures is not only felt in his music but inspires him deeply.

He combines the sound of Handpan with overtone singing, original Song and compositions with lyrics in English, Spanish and Portuguese. No matter which place this music comes from, it always leads back to one place: the human heart. Emanating from the richness of ancient cultures and the beauty of Nature.


Rafael Sotomayor / TheArtOfFusion / Opsilon Handpan

Avantgardistische Weltmusik der neuen Generation, die in einem lebendigen Mix verschiedenste Instrumente miteinander verschmilzt. Die Basis dieser Melange besteht aus meditativem Hang, jazzigem Schlagzeug, groovigem Bass, sowie Klängen der Gitarre vereint mit fließenden Melodien und mitreißenden Rythmen. Das Ergebnis ist eine atemberaubende, unvergessliche Show.

Das Hang ist ein seltenes und erst im Jahr 2000 in der Schweiz erfundenes Instrument. Aufgrund seiner Einzigartigkeit, als Mischung aus karibischer Steeldrum und indischem Gatham, sowie der nicht Kommerzialisierung eroberte und bereicherte es die Welt der Musik.

Sein sphärischer Klang aus einer Vielzahl an Obertönen und raumfüllender Vibration bildet mit den Kompositionen von TheArtOfFusion eine organische musikalische Einheit, die sich jeder klaren musikalischen Kategorie entzieht.

Der Kern der Band um den Hangspieler Rafael Sotomayor, der das Projekt 2006 gegründet hat, wird immer wieder von talentierten Gastmusikern und -Tänzern verschiedener Kulturen ergänzt.


Hardcase Technologies is a company founded in 2011 with its headquarters based in Prato.
To tell our story, we could say that it all started from the magical sound of the most melodious and passion for music.. A trip to Denmark had transformed an inspiration into a concrete vocation; to interpret the Handpan as a lifestyle, had been the starting point of this wonderful adventure. To transform how it is natural to convey passion and professionalism when you are done with what you love into work.


Godan is a musical instrument project started by Jesse Smits. The name Godan is inspired by Indonesian language which can name objects or situations with a word(s) inspired by its sound(s).
Jesse has a bachelor with honours degree in Music and Technology (2012). In the his last year of his study he spend most of his time understanding how musical instruments work.

“By knowing how musical instruments work you have building blocks to design musical instruments”.


Yatao – consisting of Malte and Alex, is a world music project and handpan duo hailing from Berlin.
Since Malte & Alex have met for the first time by serendipity in 2014 they work together with great passion and dedication to their music, with which they tour all over Europe.

Bringing along handpans, a didgeridoo and various percussion instruments they go on an inner journey through their friendship and the landscapes of their emotions.
Their fluently improvised music sets reflect the colorful sound of the present moment.


The “GRIASDI Handpan & World Music Gathering and Festival” is an international, multi-day handpan community event that has been held annually in Austria, in Stadt Haag at the “Böllerbauer” since 2016.

The “BÖLLERBAUER” as an event location forms the perfect setting for all kinds of activities such as workshops, playing music together, performing on the “open stage” and much more. In addition to the extensive camping area and the varied festival area (outdoor and indoor), visitors are spoiled with a large selection of the finest dishes and drinks at fair prices.



You want to dive deep with some of the world best handpan players? You feel the call to listen every evening to incredible handpan music, to move your body, connect to your roots and you feel the longing to connect with an open minded community from all over the world?

YES? We do!

Our Instructors will teach a whole week of handpan, soundhealing, create unique concerts in the forest, in the Retreat Location, at the lake or in sacred outdoor spaces. We combine, Handpan – Wilderness – Movement – Sound in one whole week! For men, women, children & everyone is welcome!


In May 2019 inGO and tOM went to Leipzig to attend a concert of Hang Massive. A fantastic concert with a brilliant sound and a captivating performance that swept the whole audience away. At the end of the concert we had the opportunity to talk shop with Danny and Markus about Handpan music and take a nice memory snapshot.